Business optimization system and automation of shopping centers


ASTERISK is part of an EU-funded research and development project worth approximately HRK 33 M. The project is based on data science and artificial intelligence - a segment of machine learning and computer vision.

ASTERISK is a system for optimization, automation and monitoring of shopping centers that will use smart algorithms and cameras to contribute to the possibilities of opening fully automated shopping centers, increasing security and reducing theft. ASTERISK platform integrates different technologies including user monitoring (self-help module), RFID, barcodes, wireless communications, data processing and data analyzing subsystems and subsystems for integration with existing sales center information systems.

By the customer side, it is a system that enables self-scanning,  accelerated passage through check-out terminals, information about shopping cart, product purchases, advertisements, and actions shown on the device. The real-time navigation module helps users find their way in the store space.

Shopping centers will benefit from lesser losses from theft, space savings, increased sales, marketing revenue, savings on all current security costs at the malls, etc.