Recommendation tool for banks and financial institutions


The Recommendation Tool for Banks and Financial Institutions - The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify which customers match the individual products and bids.

The FIBS solution takes care of the needs and capabilities of all bank customers, including corporate values of commitment to customers, innovation and knowledge, reliability and accountability, and ethics and transparency.

FIBS offers personalized financial management in real-time dedicated to each client of your bank, without the time and space constraints that the user meets in the office.

Imagine giving each of your clients a personal banker who will take care of his/ her needs, meet needs and expectations, and continue to build trust. All this through the web site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is what FIBS is offering: trust that comes from long-term stable and quality relationships with clients based on dialogue, transparent business and product and service quality, it adds a new dimension to innovation and dedication to the client.
Strengthening confidence and improving customer relationships with the Bank through FIBS will bring a new impulse to business progress.

Contributing to business success through activities in the area of social responsibility and contributing to sustainable development will quickly be visible in financial results as well.


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