Technology and knowledge

A brief overview of technology and our knowledge

Znanja i tehnologije


In 2011, the Company completed the research and development project of the Croatian Institute for Technology "Intelligent Shopping Carts in Sales Centers", which was the basis for the presentation of the "Shop & Touch" core product in 2014, with its presence in eight shopping centers: six in Croatia and two in BiH.


In 2018, the Company's business activities are gaining momentum with the project of developing a new innovative business optimization and automation system ASTERISK for shopping malls with the related development of the new ATLAS security product for use in supervised areas of high risk. The total value of investments in ASTERISK and ATLAS projects amounts to EUR 4.5M, of which 67% of the funds required are funded from EU funds while the rest is provided by Husar company from its own sources. The company has significant experience in the field of software development using computer vision and machine learning, as well as various programming languages ​​and tools.

  • implementation of state-of-the-art technology in the field of artificial intelligence
  • the most modern data center for AI, 5 NVIDIA DGX-1 servers, worth over 1M EUR
  • 20+ employees in offices in Split and Zagreb plan by the end of the year is 30+ employees


System Level Specifications

NVIDIA DGX-1 with Tesla V100

TFLOPS (deep learning)                     1000

CUDA Cores                                        40,960

Tensor Cores                                      5,120

NVLink vs PCIe Speed-up                  10X

Deep Learning Training Speed-up    3X